Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager,

enabling you to easily run a verified mailing list that your subscribers can trust, right on your own website. Dada Mail can be installed on a shared hosting account easily, while also supporting being run in a high-performance custom environment. Dada Mail supports sending via sendmail, SMTP, or with native support to the Amazon SES service. Download and Install Dada Mail now, for free.

Compose your message using your choice of built-in editors and upload images to add to your message. Create an optional PlainText version if it strikes your fancy. Save your message as a draft to finish at a later time.

Easily View, Search and Sort members of your Mailing List

Add, Move and Remove an address's membership from various sublists, view an address's membership history and edit an address's profile fields

Review a bouncing addresses bounce history and reinstate their subscription or permanently unsubscribe.

Track Number of Subscribers, URL Clickthroughs, Message Opens, Archive Views, Forwards and Bounces for each Mass Mailing

Change Tracking preferences to find-tune your reports

Create custom profile fields and use this data in personalized mass mailings

Send messages via sendmail, SMTP or Amazon SES

Easily test and check your sending preferences to make sure mailing sending works

Send a mass mailing to all, or part of your mailing list

Customize your batch sending preferences to send as fast or as slow as your hosting setup allows

Easily monitor mass mailings, pause or stop a mass mailing and view advanced mass mailing logs

Set up a Discussion List easily, without needing special server privileges or mucking about with difficult to understand mail server configurations

Easily Install Dada Mail

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Dada Mail helps you with managing an email mailing list, offering complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sending out mass mailings, keeping message archives and allowing you to share your messages in lots of neat ways.

You run Dada Mail on your own web hosting account, giving you complete control over your valuable mailing lists. Do It Yourself - Dada Mail is designed for small businesses in mind, to provide an economical and extremely flexible solution to reach out to your customers, fans, friends, business partners and clients. There's no monthly fee to use Dada Mail, based on sending amount or otherwise.

Interact with Dada Mail through your web browser, making Dada Mail available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet, your business computer, your smart phone, your iPad, or any other computer, while on the go.

Dada Mail is rich with features, but tries to Keep It Simple. Dada Mail is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. We ship Dada Mail with sane default mailing list preferences, so you can start using Dada Mail, without causing a faux pas and keeping your subscribers happy.

Dada Mail is designed to be installed, setup and understood by regular people who have websites, but packs enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've installed a bulletin board or web blog software, you can install Dada Mail.

Dada Mail can scale. Install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages right away. Mailing List growing? Switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send - all without having to change mailing list mangement systems or your hosting. Run Dada Mail under CGI, FastCGI or as a PSGI/Plack application.

Dada Mail is free software that you're able to use, modify, share and enhance under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Dada Mail is written in Perl because we love Perl. Open Source software is easier to keep current, bug free and working great and our development is open for anyone to check out or even help out.

Dada Mail is named after the Dada Art Movement, comprised of in part of an incredibly creative pocket of free thinkers that expressed themselves without boundaries during the horrific time of WWI. Dada defies actual definition (by design!) and we'd like to be surprised and delighted to learn how you use Dada Mail!


Get up and running just by filling out a few items on a form - Here's a screencast to show you the ropes. The installer can install Dada Mail along with its most popular plugins and extensions!


Administrate everything through your web browser. Available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Closed-Loop Opt-In

Allow subscribers to subscribe themselves to your mailing lists securely and unsubscribe themselves at any time. Dada Mail is not for Unsolicited Bulk Email (ie: SPAM). Be a Hero, not a Zero!

Mass Mailing

Send out messages to your mailing list, only part of your mailing list, multiple lists at one time and from your favorite email program. Discussion lists are also supported using the Dada Bridge plugin (included with Dada Mail).

Message Archiving

Save your mailing list messages for later viewing.


Share your messages using email (obviously) rss/atom feeds, and publicly accessible archives and via forward-to-a-friend.


Subscribers can view/edit/update their various mailing list subscriptions. Easily.


Bounce Handler, Discussion Lists, Tracking - Dada Mail is extended by its simple plugin system.

Here's a small feature overview

Deployment Environment

  • Run under CGI or FastCGI - easy to setup, works on inexpensive hosting environments
  • Run under PSGI/Plack - high performance, perfect for very busy mailing lists

Mass Mailing

  • Send both HTML, or PlainText Messages, using the supplied rich text editor (CKEditor, Tiny MCE)
  • Support for Attachments
  • Optionally convert PlainText messages to HTML (all HTML messages are sent as multipart/alternative)
  • Send an HTML message, by supplying a URL to the message (Send a Webpage). Embedded Images, and Javascript removal supported
  • Optionally convert CSS blocks in the head of HTML messages to Inline styles, automatically (requires CSS::Inliner, installed seperately)
  • Partial List Sending: send to only part of your mailing list, based on a search of subscriber's email address, and Profile Fields (First Name, Last Name, Custom Field #3, etc)
  • Send via any mail reader (Outlook, Apple's, Gmail, etc) and have full-fledged discussion lists using the included Bridge plugin
  • Save as Draft support, and messages auto-saved every minute
  • Stationery: keep persistant messages that you may then create new draft messages from
  • Schedules: schedule single or recurring mass mailing to be sent in the future

Email Analytics

  • Every Mass Mailing sent can track the following:
    • Message Opens
    • # Message Recipients
    • Clickthroughs
    • Unsubscribes
    • Bounces (soft/hard)
    • Sending Errors
    • Archive Views
    • Forwards
  • Optionally, you may track the email address of your mailing list memeber
  • Clickthrough links can be automatically tracker, or manually tracked (pick which links you would like to track)
  • Data is presented in a variety of ways: circle graphs, line graphs and tabular data
  • Data can be exported in .csv format, in many different ways: by email message, analytic type, email address, etc

Mass Mailing Monitor

  • Monitor all your current Mass Mailings
  • View which mailing are active, queued, paused or stale
  • View % done of each mass mailing, speed of mass mailing, and current mass mailing send time
  • Pause, Pickup, and Delete Mass Mailings
  • Set how many mass mailings can go out at once
  • View Mass Mailing logs, and save logs to be studied later


  • View and Search through (paginated) all your Subscribers, Black Listed, Authorized Senders, etc. Sort asc/desc by email address, or any Profile field.
  • Remove specific subscribers, as well as all subscribers at once
  • View individual subscribers, and update their email address, profile fields, and sublists they're a member of
  • Mass update members, based on advanced queries
  • View membership history of individual subscribers (subscription confirmations, subscriptions, removals, etc)

Mailing List Options

  • Make your mailing list Invite-Only, Closed, Private, and/or Hidden
  • Subscription Confirmation Options: enable/disable Closed Loop Opt-In, subscription request abuse protection, custom redirects after confirmation, subscriptions
  • Optionally approve/deny any subscription made
  • Subscription notices to list owner/entire mailing list
  • Send the newest archive to new subscribers
  • Subscribe addresses en mass via the list control panel (optional)
  • Send, "Welcome" and, "Farewell" messages
  • MX Lookup support for email validation
  • Unsubscription system fully conforms with CAN SPAM 2008: all messages sent in a mass mailing are required to have a working unsubscription link, that when clicked, goes to a screen with a simple one-field form, for the subscriber to type in their email address, to be removed (w/an optional email hint supplied)

Mail Sending

  • Send email via sendmail, SMTP or Amazon SES
  • SMTP sending supports SASL + POP-before-SMTP authentication, secure connections (SSL)
  • Set charset, content-type, message header encoding (UTF-8 is fully supported)
  • Mass Mailing supports batch sending: send # messages per hour, auto batch settings are supported for Amazon SES, which dynamically adjust according to your current SES sending limits.
  • SMTP sending supports multiple messages sent per SMTP connection; SES supports multiple messages sent per API call


  • Archive your mass mail messages,
  • Editing support
  • Publically display archives, w/search
  • Email protection options (Spam-Me-Not ReCaptcha Mailhide)
  • Forward to a Friend support
  • Gravatar support
  • rss/atom feeds of messages
  • embed HTML feed of messages in any webpage using a simple Javascript call.

Appearance and Templates

  • Edit and customize a mailing list's user-facing layout and design, as well as customize a globaly used template.
  • Magic User Templates: base your user-facing template on an existing webpage
  • Edit and customize the mailing list message template, to apply a custom header and footer to all outgoing mailing list messages.
  • Edit and customize various transactional email messages Dada Mail sends, including subscription confirmation, subscription successful, unsubscription successful, and forward to a friend messages
  • Copy the subscription form HTML needed to place a subscription form for your mailing list, on any page of your website

Profiles Fields

  • Add, Edit and Remove custom Subscriber Profile Fields (First Name, Last Name, Favorite Color, etc)
  • Set default values and if the field is required or not
  • Change order of Profile Fields


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