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Holiday Sale! 50% Off Pro Dada Install/Upgrades and Pro Dada Subscriptions

November 21st 2023

Happy Holidays, everyone! We're here in Boulder, CO getting ready to host Thanksgiving and figuring out on the fly how to cook a whole leg of lamb - wish us luck! Along with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc, this time of the year is also the birthday of Dada Mail which turns 24(!) in January! Show your own thanks, and take advantage of the Holiday Sale we have going on:Justin, Creator of Dada Mail50% Off! Now Until January 5th, 2024Take 50% off both a Pro Dada Subscription, or an install/upgrade done by us!Pro Da ...Continue Reading

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RE: V11.22.0 install issue

September 19th 2023

Prompt reply very much appreciated Justin … and of course I find I must have been unfortunate with the timing of my download ☹ All seems good now, thank you.  Doug *From:* dadadev@PROTECTED <dadadev@PROTECTED> *Sent:* 19 September 2023 20:00*To:* Dada Mail Developers Subscriber <douglevey@PROTECTED>*Subject:* Re: [dadadev] V11.22.0 install issue  From: justin@PROTECTED Doug, there was a corrupted download of Pro Dada v11.22.0 that I reuploaded late last afternoon. If you downloa ...Continue Reading